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net.demon reviews

The following people were kind enough to say some nice things about net.demon:

"NetDemon is a smart, easy-to-use, and indispensable utility. I keep it on my Quick Launch Toolbar for instant access." --Steve Bass, PC World

Read his article at PC World - Steve's Favorite Utilities

"Five Stars" - ZDNet Downloads - net.demon

5 Stars!

"Hi Matt, I just wanted to include a note with my order to thank you for writing the best program I've ever used.   Period.   Being a network admin, there are many mundane (and often frustrating) day to day tasks that happen to pop up.   net.demon takes care of them all.   Your program really kicks ass and takes names." - Kevin


"After writing the above piece, I remembered once using a nifty little tooled called 'netdemon'. Its a windows(god forbid) tool, but I fired up a computer with windows, and downloaded the tool.

"Using the 'address scanner' you can reverse-resolve any IP range. Since I've yet too see such a tool for *nix - I fired it up, and found the list. I suggest that you other slashdot guys do the same. You'll find the tool at www.netdemon.net" - Rune Kristian Viken

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